At this time, through the generous support of the Canadian Institute for Nuclear Physics (CINP), the Division of Nuclear Physics (DNP) of the Canadian Association of Physicists, and additional funding, the Nuclear Structure 2014 Conference extends the offer to grant NS2014 travel awards to qualified postdoctoral fellows working in nuclear structure.

To be eligible for this award the postdocs must be performing research in nuclear physics or chemistry. The candidate application package should consist of:

  • a copy of the candidate’s conference registration and abstract for a talk or poster at NS2014,
  • a 2 page CV including the candidate's research experience and career goals, and
  • a short statement from the candidate's supervisor indicating his/her financial support for additional costs to attend the conference.

Please send your completed application package no later than the end of Monday, April 21, 2014. Successful applicants will be notified in May. The grants will be applied directly by the conference to the registration fee and accommodation.

Inquiries and completed application packages should be electronically sent to:
Prof. Corina Andreoiu



Canadian Institute for Nuclear Physics

Canadian Association of Physicists, Division of Nuclear Physics